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Wollongong vs Cincy

Now there's a rugby/football game I'd pay to see!

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It's the days when it's really cold and I'm talking like 50's and that I have to make my way to campus alone that I really start to miss Cincy. Having close friends in class is always nice, especially classes like biology and chemistry. Here, in Wollongong, though I have classes with a few people I know but I'm not close with them. Actually two of my three classes I have with my roommate but we're not the best of friends. That's another thing different between Cincy and here, back home I'd never had a roommate and I've decided I like it better that way. I like Elizabeth well enough but we'd be better friends if we weren't around each other when I'm the least happy, I.E. when I'm trying to sleep. Wollongong while being in Australia is not stereotypical; when you think Australia you probably think sand, dirt, heat, cacti and kangaroos, right? Well Wollongong is very much an urban environment, small city, if you will. Campus is very forest-y, there are trees every where and yet it still has some very modern buildings. Don't get me wrong I love all the nature but at the same time it's nothing like UC. At UC you can point in a direction and say that building is over there and most of the time you're able to see the building you're pointing at, it's very open. Sigma Sigma provides an awful lot of greenery but it's got nothing on Wollongong's acres of grass, ponds, and trees. This morning after getting off the bus, while walking to class I heard a sound that is quickly becoming familiar, I looked up and sure enough flying over head was a wild Cockatoo. While pets at home they fly free and abundantly here. I love that. However, the only kangaroos I've seen have been in zoos and wild koala's are even more rare. I've been told that wild kangaroos are a lot like deer back home, while not common inside the city occasionally they are seen. Plus side of Wollongong though, i love my "house". I use quotes because it's not a house in the normal sense of the word. It's rather a mixture of a house and a dorm with supposedly 220 residents. It doesn't feel like there's 220 of us but that's what I've been told. I've made some great friends and I love spending Saturdays going to the beach or watching movies and Sunday learning how to play touch rugby. I don't like how meals are only served at specific times and you're on your own if you miss those times but that might come from being spoiled by UC's amazing dining halls for the past two years. People complain about the quality of food Center Court and Market Pointe serve but I'm telling you, I would do just about anything for a slice of Center Court pizza or a Market Pointe waffle right now. And the convenience of the fast food around campus and in Tangeman is so very...well convenient. Mackers (MCDonalds), Pizza Hut, KFC, Dominos, and Subway aren't a short walk from Ihouse. Sure there's a Subway on campus but at $7 for a foot-long I'm not likely to buy much food. Enough of my ranting though, Australia's been kind to me and I love being a 15 minute walk from the beach. The pacific is beautiful.

Posted by Sara Owens 21:21

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